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Installed Inspire Smith Cage System with Bench, Leg Extension & Preacher Curl

Item #374938

Shipping Included

- Functional Trainer with Adjustable Bench

- Electrostatic Powder Coated 

- Multiple User Training Possible 

- Adjustable High and Low Pulley System

- Complete Smith Machine with Cable Crossover


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Built to last, the Inspire SCS Smith Cage System Functional Trainer is currently one of the most innovative and adaptive strength systems on the market. It has a staggering number of 32 setting positions for more than 60 functional training exercises. 

The Inspire SCS light commercial Smith Cage System Functional Trainer Package design allows more than 1 user simultaneously, depending on their training and following the safety measures. It comes with the Inspire SCS Adjustable Weight Bench with removable Leg Developer & Preacher Curl attachments and with an Ankle Strap, a Pull-ups-assist Belt, and 2 sets of D-handles: 2 shorter multi-ring D-Handles x 2 longer Rubber D-Handle that you can use as an Abdominal Strap for AB Crunch. In addition, the SCS Smith Cage System is a 3 in 1 Functional Trainer, comprising a Power Rack with a height-adjustable Pull-ups Bar, a Smith Machine with 15 positions, and 3 independent adjustable dual pulley systems. All in one unit combines classical strength training with complex cable pull systems connected to 2 x 68 kg weight stacks. The Inspire SCS Functional Trainer Package unites more than 7 commercial-grade training stations in a compact training system, offering various exercises for a complete and balanced workout.



  • Complete smith machine with cable crossover
  • Unlimited functional training opportunities 
  • Can be used with a full-sized olympic bar for overhead presses
  • Combination of free and guided training options
  • 3 in 1 commercial-grade functional trainer
  • 2 x 68kg weight stack operating independently 
  • 3 independent adjustable dual pulley systems
  • 6 pulleys: 2 adjustable wide, 2 mid and 2 low
  • Comes with SCS bench, leg extension and preacher curl
  • Pull ups, 2 short and 2 long D-handles, Multi-function belt and strap
  • Double racking system accommodates smith and free weight bar simultaneously
  • Adjustable safety bars
  • 15 steel lockout points for safety
  • Dual weight stack design for unique iso-lateral exercises
  • Adjustable high/low pulley system; offers a wide range of exercises
  • Precision steel ball bearings for smooth operation
  • Height adjustable pull up bar to accommodate low ceiling clearance
  • Estimated assembly time: 6/7 hours
  • Bench dimensions: L 164 x W 65 x H 120 cm
  • Bench weight capacity: 454 kg
  • Cage load capacity: 227 - 250 kg
  • Max user weight: 120 kg
  • Paint finish: Electrostatic powder coated 
  • Pulleys: Fibreglass reinforced nylon
  • Dimensions: W 191 x D 155 x H 221 cm
  • Weight: 499 kg


Pulley System

The six-pulley-cable system comes with 2 broad, 2 narrow low, and 2 narrow high pulleys for unparalleled versatility. It's possible to use all the stations with dual pulley cables independently. Whilst the Upper & Lower narrow ones are fixed, for exercises such as Lat. Pulldowns or seated rows, the 2 Wide pulleys on each side of the cage are fully adjustable. They can be easily and quickly positioned at numerous points along the chrome column uprights for wide hi/low crossover cables for unique iso-lateral exercises. Grab the external handle and pull the red spring knob, releasing the cable/pulley column slider. Then, you can adjust it to your desired height and release the red handle to lock it at the desired height. Repeat the same procedure on the other side, and you're ready to start. As a result, you can target different body parts from varying angles, particularly the chest, with complete freedom of movement. You can create a more aesthetic physique through exercises like lateral raises, curls, and pushdowns, without awkwardly connecting them to two pulleys.


Weight System

The Smith Bar weighs 13.6 kg (30 lb) as a starting resistance, enabling beginners and advanced lifters to enjoy the best effects of the Inspire SCS gym. The Smith System comes with 15 Safety Bar Catches (solid steel bar hooks) on both sides of the cage, reducing injury risk while using the machine alone. Opposite these safety Catches, further back in the cage, there is another set of 15 Safety Catches, so you can add an Olympic 7-ft Barbell to perform Free Weight Barbell routines. Suppose you've pushed beyond failure and can't re-rack the free weight Olympic barbell; in that case, you can take advantage of the additional full-length safety bars stoppers positioned on each side of the cage. They extend from one side of the cage to the other, fitting between 2 solid steel bar hooks to prevent the bar from crashing to the floor or onto you. At the same time, you rest up for your next set. They provide you with the perfect combination of Guided or Free Weight Training and the advantages of both, and an almost limitless amount of exercise potential.


Rack and Pull Up System

The SCS double racking system allows you to safely rack both the Smith Bar and your own Free Weight Olympic Bar simultaneously, as the maximum load capacity is 250 kg (500 lb). The shift from a Smith Machine to Free Weight is stunningly seamless, an important distinction to consider if you enjoy barbell training. Fifteen steel lockout points make this strength machine a hugely popular choice for those seeking a reliable solution for solo training, regardless of ability and experience.

By incorporating a Power Rack into the Smith Machine Station, Inspire Fitness offers a Home Gym no bigger than a standard functional trainer. Therefore, the SCS Package is an excellent choice for those with limited space or who want a workout system that can fit in the corner of a room.

The one-of-a-kind height adjustable Pull Up Station offers wide, neutral, and close grip options to build your back faster from a variety of angles. The adjustability of the Pullups Station (206 cm to 219 cm height) is a remarkable asset. Since the SCS is a few inches shorter than the average cable machine, the SCS Smith Cage System is a popular choice among lifters with low ceilings. In addition, it is equipped with ample knurling for a firm grip and optimum training.

Lower secondary pullups/chin-ups ring-shaped grips with multiple angles are there to hit every angle of your back and allow you to tailor your training. If regular chin-ups or pullups are too demanding, you can use the Multi-function Belt to perform real assisted pullups, thus keeping all the physical and health benefits of bodyweight training.


Fitness Bench

The Inspire Fitness SCS Weight Bench is Inspire Fitness's top of the range Adjustable Bench with a capacity of 454 kg (user and load) and offers everything you want in a Light Commercial Weight Bench. Even most "full commercial" benches don't provide this level of construction.

The SCS Fitness Bench design allows 6-position adjustment: Flat, 30-degree incline, 45-degree decline, 65-degree decline, 85-degree incline & a superb 20-degree decline option. In addition, it offers complete functionality and a limitless range of fly’s, presses, curls, raises, squats, and deadlifts. This top-of-the-line Weight Bench comes with a convenient handle and 2 transport wheels to move quickly. The Bench's Attachments are designed to work with the Inspire SCS Weight Bench, adding another workout option by slipping into the front frame post.

It's one of the most rigid benches available; the frame is made from heavy-duty 11-gauge tubular steel providing a sturdy and safe feeling as you work out. In addition, the electrostatic powder coating offers a durable, maintenance-free finish, so your Bench and Attachments will always look new and stylish.



Oversized Contoured Orthopaedic Pads with closed-cell foam, double-stitched high-grade Naugahyde faux leather, provide stability and support with every move. In addition, the Seat on the bench, adjustable to 4 heights, is designed to work perfectly and biochemically enhance the motion. The Inspire Preacher Curl attachment is height adjustable to execute single or double hand curl exercise comfortably and comes with a convenient built-in Bar Rest that works seamlessly for easy storage between sets.

The Inspire Leg Extension/Leg Curl, with 6 Vinyl Covered Foam Rollers, allows you to plate load the peg with free weights and perform a seated Leg Extension or a Leg Curl. Additionally, there's an option to add weights to the Leg Developer Attachment; you can hook it up to the cable stacks to enjoy a more consistent resistance curve. Again, quality Upholstery Padding provides comfort.


Additional Information

At the rear of the machine are 2 commercial weight stacks of 68 kg of centre drilled weight plates, with Magnetic Pin, running along solid guide rods and connected only with the cable/pulley systems. With a 1:2 resistance ratio, the stacks provide resistance for the front hi/low crossover cables and the top and bottom centre cables, so you're only lifting half the weight specified on the stack. With compound movements, like pulldowns, both weight stacks are used, with almost 70 kg of frictionless resistance. This is very much the industry standard, and it's more than enough weight for 99% of people. Unlike other cable machines, the pulleys are reinforced with fibreglass and come with Precision Steel Ball Bearing. The cables have a Tensile Strength of 907 kg (2000 lb) for movement's safety and comfort, allowing an unbeatably smooth lifting action pulley.

The Inspire SCS Smith Cage System Functional Trainer Package offers an array of exercises for a person looking for a complete and balanced workout. Add to this the beauty of the unrivalled design and engineering of the SCS Smith Cage System. The Inspire SCS Smith Cage System Functional Trainer Package is the natural progression for those looking to push themselves further and harder! You can stream video workouts, follow workout plans, and browse the exercise library. Tune in to new workouts every day, led by world-class Fitness Trainers. We're bringing the best of the best into your home. Each with their personality and music taste, you're sure to find your match, and music taste, you're sure to find your match.

BrandInspire Fitness
TypeHome Gym
DimensionsW 191 x D 155 x H 221 cm
Weight499 kg
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