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EV Charging

EV Charging is now available at our Watford, Wembley, Sunbury & Leeds warehouses with plans to extend across select UK locations.


Please download the Costco App, available in the iOS or Android App stores.

In the App, you will find an EV charging icon on the Home Menu. When pressed this will lead you to a charging activation page, where you will be asked for your payment credentials. Please complete the requested information and activate the charging session. Once this has been completed please plug the cable into your electric vehicle and the charging session will commence.

A charging session at a Costco charger is invoiced at a rate of £0.50 per kWh.

Please note that Costco requests a £30 pre-authorisation amount before beginning the charging process. This pre-authorisation ensures that Costco will be paid for the charge dispensed.

From time to time, you may see a pending amount of £30 on your statement for longer periods due to an error with processing by the issuing bank, this typically drops off between 3-5 working days although this can vary between card issuers.

EV Charging is now available at our Watford warehouse. Please visit this page for more updates as we add more locations.

No, unfortunately this is not possible.

The maximum charging power is either determined by the maximum input power of the electric vehicle (see the manual of your vehicle) or by the maximum output power of the charge point. However, other factors influence the actual charging speed, such as the temperature of the battery of the electric vehicle, the state of charge of the battery and possibly the charge point load management.

Please unlock the vehicle and either press the “stop” button on the vehicle (on the display or near the plug) or press the “stop” button on the charger. Then unplug the cable and put it back into the charging point.

If the charging session has not started after 1 or 2 minutes, please stop the charging session (after having locked and unlocked your vehicle and by pushing the “stop” button on the vehicle or on the charger) and disconnect the cable.

Then restart the charging session again, by tapping the EV charging icon in the Costco App and starting the process over.

After a successful activation, please plug the connector into your vehicle. Please make sure that the connector is fully plugged in. If the problem is persistent, please dial the call centre number displayed on the charging post.

Most vehicles need to be unlocked in order to stop a charging session and to disconnect the cable. If the cable cannot be disconnected, in many cases, this is solved by relocking and unlocking the vehicle. Please ensure to follow the instructions on the display and/or in the operating manual of your vehicle. Most vehicles also have a switch or function which can be used to unlock the cable. If the problem persists, please dial the call centre number displayed on the charging post.

The charging power is influenced or controlled by a number of factors. The power specified on the charging station indicates the maximum technical possible charging power. The actual charging power is also influenced by the rectifier installed in the vehicle (in case of AC charging), the maximum power input (Voltage and Amperage) of the vehicle, the temperature of the battery, the state of charge of the battery and possibly the charge point load management.

All Electric Vehicles can use the standard AC chargers, using the cable supplied with the vehicle. When using a DC fast charger (50kW or more), only electric vehicles using the CCS2 connector will be able to charge (which is the majority of the vehicles on the roads in the UK). Please refer to the operational manual of your vehicle.

This is used for communication purposes, including sending invoices for charging sessions.

Storing your financial data is optional. Saving your payment details allows for a quicker payment of your next charging session.

An email will be automatically sent to you with your session and payment details upon completion of charging.

No, Costco Wholesale offers preferential charging rates to their members and therefore charging services, using the Costco App is only available at Costco warehouses.

In the event of a technical issue with the charging point, please call the number displayed on the charging post.