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Philips Ambilight TV

Emotion beyond the screen

See the difference 

Philips 6703 range

Philips 6703 Range

Why we like it...

  • 3-sided Ambilight technology matches the scene with ambient lighting and takes your experience beyond the screen.
  • HDR plus captures the richness and livliness of content with brighther highlights, greater contrast and a broader range of colours.
  • Philips sound processing brings the details of a gust of wind, or leaves hitting the ground, to reality.

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Ambilight. Only from Philips.

What if you didn’t just watch TV, but felt it? With a Philips Ambilight TV intelligent LEDs cast on screen colours onto the walls, and into the room, in real time. Your screen will seem bigger, every moment will feel closer, and music gets a light show.

Ambilight that follows your mood

stranger things on philips ambilight tv

Movies. Immerse yourself.

Bring the emotion of the movie right into the room. Explosions flicker on the walls. Wide shots feel even wider. You can set the intensity of Ambilight to suit your mood, or even turn it off.

blue philips ambilight tv

Lounging. Make the mood.

Cosy up. Cool down. Ambilight works even when your TV is in standby mode. Simply press the Ambilight button on your remote to enjoy perfectly tuned ambient lighting.

gaming philips ambilight tv

Gaming. Light it up.

Throw yourself into battle. Explore worlds. The LEDs on your Philips Ambilight TV respond rapidly to your moves, immersing you in every crucial millisecond of action and adventure.

music philips ambilight tv

Music. Brighten the beat.

Drop the bass. With a flash. Turn symphonies into shimmers of light. Whatever your muscial taste. Ambilight can follow the sound and weave lightshows from the rhythm.

philips ambilight 6703 series

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Philips Ambilight TV 43PUS6703/12

  • 43" | 4K UHD | 3 x HDMI | SMART

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Philips Ambilight TV 55PUS7503/12

  • 55" | 4K UHD | 4 x HDMI | SMART

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Philips Ambilight TV 75PUS7803/12

  • 75" | 4K UHD | 4 x HDMI | SMART

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