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Meet the Supplier: Celtic Marches

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Celtic Marches guarantee fun ciders made from the finest of apples grown in the heart of Herefordshire…

About Celtic Marches

Celtic Marches Cider is made at Wyer Croft, 200 acres of cider apple orchard nestled in the rolling hills of Herefordshire. The family have been making cider here for over a hundred years. Rob Hancocks manages the production of the apples and is responsible for harvesting and turning the bittersweet apple juice into beautiful well rounded Herefordshire cider.

Traditional cider apple varieties like Harry Masters, Dabinett and Michelin are blended to give the different flavours that make up the range. The farm has PGI status, protected geographic indicator, which guarantees that the ciders are made from apples grown only in Herefordshire. Susan, Rob's sister heads up the sales and marketing and is responsible for the wonderful eye catching branding that is based on 1950's pinup girls. Thundering Molly, Lily the Pink and Slack Alice are all lively fun characters to match the golden cider.