Samsung QE65QN93DATXXU 65 Inch Neo QLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TVSamsung QE65QN93DATXXU 65 Inch Neo QLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV
Samsung KnoxSamsung Knox

Samsung QE65QN93DATXXU 65 Inch Neo QLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Item #503516

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- NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor
- Object Tracking Sound Plus & Dolby Atmos®
- Motion Xcelerator 144Hz
- Ultra Viewing Angle with Anti-Reflection Screen
- 5 Year Warranty Included
- Need a Wall Mount or Stand? Shop here

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Infinity One Design
With a stunningly slim profile, your Samsung QN93D TV has been designed with a near bezel-less screen to look striking from every angle.
Dolby Atmos®
Cinematic sound reimagined with Dolby Atmos and your TV's 8 speakers. Dolby Atmos technology delivers a sound experience that you can feel all around you. It works with the TVs 8 built-in speakers to create an incredibly immersive and realistic impression of sound. When a helicopter flies overhead in your favourite blockbuster, it feels like it is actually flying over you. Add a Samsung Dolby Atmos soundbar to truly feel like you are in the cinema.
Quantum Matrix Technology
Mini LEDs create an incredibly sharp picturePrecisely controlled Mini LEDs create an incredibly sharp pictureSamsung’s Neo QLED range uses Quantum Mini LEDs – lights that are 1/40th the size of conventional LEDs and approximately the size of a grain of sand. They are precisely controlled to create deep blacks, boosted brightness levels, and intense detail and contrast in every aspect of the picture.
Motion Xcelerator 144Hz
Experience ultra-smooth TV gaming with up to 4K 144Hz motion*. Designed for next-gen consoles and PC Gaming*, it guarantees ultra-smooth visuals and ultra-low input lag for responsive gameplay. Become the greatest of all time with lightning-quick motion.
*4K 144Hz is only available with PC connected content. Supports VRR/4K@120Hz as specified in HDMI 2.1.
Ultra Viewing Angle with Anti-Reflection Screen
Minimise distracting glareThere's not a bad seat in the house. Experience the brilliant picture from every angle, with minimised distracting glareNo need to worry about having to close the curtains for a mid-day movie marathon. Samsung's critically acclaimed Anti-Reflection technology absorbs reflections to reduce glare, so you're not distracted from the action on screen. Plus, with an Ultra Viewing Angle, you'll still enjoy a brilliant picture when you're not directly in front of the TV.
Neo Quantum HDR+
Watch in spectacular detail, exceptional contrast and remarkable HDR brightness. Watch in spectacular detail, exceptional contrast and remarkable HDR brightnessFrom gloomy shadows to sun-scorched scenes – see the previously hidden detail in every scene, exactly as you’re meant to. Thanks to remarkable HDR brightness, watch in true-to-life quality with rich colour and remarkable contrast. Plus, with Adaptive HDR10+ every frame is optimised to perfection, so that every movie you watch looks just as the director intended.
Object Tracking Sound+
8 dedicated speakers follow the action on-screen. Sound that follows the action on screen with 8 speakers built-in to all sides of the screen. An immersive TV surround sound experience that puts you in the heart of the action. Your TV uses its 8 speakers built-in to the four sides of the TV to make the sound follow the action on screen. Hear a car zoom along your screen, the crowd cheer all around you, or the dialogue come from where the character is standing.
NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor
Our most intelligent 4K processor. Brightness, colour and detail boosted by our most intelligent 4K AI processor. Think of the processor as the brain of the TV, and this is our most intelligent 4K processor. Using AI and 20 AI neural networks, it elevates content to near 4K quality. From streaming to gaming, it optimises both picture and sound, enhancing brightness, contrast, motion, sound and resolution - for a truly exceptional 4K experience.
*Upscaling may not apply to PC connection and Game Mode. 
100% Colour Volume* with Quantum Dot
Naturally bright and colourful pictureA naturally bright and colourful picture with 100% colour volume. See everything you watch come to life with greater detail and realism. Quantum Dots boosts the brightness and transforms light into lifelike and accurate colour – validated by Pantone. The result? A naturally bright and colourful picture in over a billion cinematic colours.
*Measured to DCI-P3 standard, certified by VDE.
4K AI Upscaling
Watch all your content in glorious 4K, even if it wasn't filmed that way*. From old favourites to new releases, our most powerful 4K processor will upscale it to 4K resolution*. From news to classics, our most powerful 4K processor elevates all content to breathtaking 4K Ultra HD, regardless of the source. With AI and 20 neural networks, our TV intelligently analyses images, intricately restores every detail, pixel by pixel for a stunning visual experience.
*Upscaling may not apply to PC connection and Game Mode. 
Gaming Hub
Where gaming comes together. No console required*. Play the latest games from Xbox, Blacknut, Nvidia and more straight from your TV. No console required*.Samsung Gaming Hub brings together the biggest console and streaming games from Xbox and other industry-leading partners, all in on one place.* With no downloads, storage limits or console required, just turn on your TV and play.
*Samsung account, internet connection, additional gaming service subscription and compatible controller required. Gaming Hub not available in Republic of Ireland.
Smart TV powered by Tizen*
Your favourite apps on the best-selling Samsung Smart TV** Get tailored recommendations from your favourite Smart apps, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+ and more…Dive into a huge collection of 4K films, TV shows, and all your catch-up TV apps – including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Apple TV and NOW apps*** – all in one place. Not sure what to watch? Our easy-to-use and customisable Smart Hub platform gives you personalised recommendations.
*Samsung account required to access our network-based smart services and apps.
**Samsung TV has been ranked No.1 selling TV Brand for 18 consecutive years by Omdia.
***Subscriptions required. Some apps may not be available at launch. 3rd party content providers may remove apps from the Smart TV platform or stop updating them at any time. 
AI Sound
Sound optimised for your room and content. Sound perfected for what you're watching, and where you're watching it. Using AI and xxx neural networks, the TV optimises the sound for what you are watching and where you are watching it. It automatically tailors the sound to your space; clarifies voices over background noise; and adapts the sound to match the type of content you are watching. You'll hear every last detail.
AI Auto Game Mode
Get the edge over your competition with Game settings automatically adjusted by AI. Get the edge over your competition. AI Auto Game Mode recognises the genre of game you are playing, and automatically adjusts the settings. RPG? Witness incredible graphics. Racing? Experience ultra-smooth motion. So all you need to do is turn on your game and play.
Real Depth Enhancer Pro
Adjusts the depth - just as you would see in real life. Real Depth Enhancer Pro detects areas where a person's eye would typically focus and precisely enhances the depth and foreground contrast. So when you are watching a nature documentary, it enhances an elephant's wrinkles while leaving the background as it is - just like a person's eyes would.
Auto HDR Remastering
Transform SDR content into HDR-like picture quality. Enjoy HDR-like picture quality, even with SDR content. Using AI, your TV learns the difference between SDR and HDR content and transforms it into vibrant HDR-like visuals. Experience brighter highlights, more vibrant colours and clearer details. 
FreeSync Premium Pro
HDR Gaming without screen tearing and stuttering - as the creator intended. AMD FreeSync Premium Pro works with your next gen console to give you an exceptional gaming experience: combining reduced screen tearing and stuttering with exceptional High Dynamic Range (HDR) visuals*. Watch your games come to life in spectacular colour and detail - just like the creators intended. 
*Compatible games and consoles only.
Samsung TV Plus
Entertainment for every day. Always for free.Get instant access to top news, dramas, entertainment and more with Samsung TV Plus – free TV, with no subscription, no sign-up, no additional device, or credit card needed.Watch 1000s of TV shows and movies, all for free, anytime, anywhere you want with Samsung TV Plus. Get instant access to live and on demand entertainment like The Jamie Oliver Channel and The Graham Norton Show. Stream the latest news on CNN and catch-up on kids shows, sports highlights and more with no strings attached.
*Samsung account and internet connection required.
Samsung Knox Security
Your privacy, secured. Samsung Knox ensures that confidential and sensitive data stays safe, with multi-layered security; automatic blocking of harmful attacks; and constant audits, updates and monitoring*. It even protects all the Home IoT devices connected to your TV**. It's your privacy, secured.
*Secured by Knox applies to Samsung TVs powered by Tizen®, launched since 2015. Security software update is guaranteed for at least three years from product launch. Latest software update is required.
**Must be connected to Samsung TV via SmartThings. 
SolarCell One Remote
Control all your devices with one solar-powered remote. Replace the clutter of remotes with a SolarCell One Remote. Consciously crafted, the universal remote can control all of your compatible devices. It charges on indoor light and keeps its charge from Radio-Frequency power harvesting, so you don't need any disposable batteries.*
*Must be charged via USB C cable (sold separately) if battery is fully drained.
Control your smart home from your TV. Make your TV the heart of your connected smart home with Samsung SmartThings.Control all the devices in your connected smart home system through your Samsung Smart TV. From game consoles and set-top boxes, to Bluetooth speakers and 1000s of smart devices, Samsung Smart TV gives you simple control at the touch of a button*. With SmartThings built into your Samsung TV, you can monitor home cameras, or see who’s at the door from the comfort of your sofa. All to make your life easier, more secure, and more connected. Finally, smart living – made simple.
*Requires Samsung Account, SmartThings app, Internet connection, and SmartThings enabled devices.
Samsung Q-Symphony
Samsung TVs and soundbars play together in perfect harmony. Samsung TVs and soundbars play together in perfect harmony. Heighten your viewing experience with the benefit of great sound quality delivered from both the TV speakers and soundbar, at the same time. Get the audio experience your Samsung TV deserves. 
SmartThings Calibration Pro
Cinema-like picture as the directors intended. Professional TV calibration using just your smartphone for cinema-like picture, as the directors intended.*Use the camera on your smartphone, with the Samsung SmartThings app to unlock advanced TV colour calibration enhancing whites, greyscale, gamma and chromaticity.* 
*Internet connection, compatible Android or iOS device and SmartThings app required.
Multi View
See it all at once, on the big screen. Split your TV screen and never miss another moment. Never miss another moment. With Multi View, you can play your mobile content alongside the TV, all at once, on the same screen. Simply pair your smartphone to your TV with screen mirroring to split the big TV screen *. Handy if you want to keep an eye on the football score whilst watching a movie. 
*Samsung account, internet connection and compatible mobile device required.
Available Source: Tuner/HDMI, TV App, USB Webcam/IoT Cam, Android Mirroring/iOS Airplay
Super Ultrawide GameView
Ultimate gaming TV setup, game-changing experience. A game-changing experience with the ultimate gaming TV setup. Get the ultimate gaming TV setup. Play at wide 21:9 and ultrawide 32:9 aspect ratios and see more of your surroundings at once. Plus, the advanced Game Bar* lets you quickly optimise your gameplay—whether that’s switching aspect ratios, checking input lag, activating virtual aim point or minimap zoom.
*Applicable to console and PC Gaming only.
Slim Fit Wall-Mount Compatible
Keep your view on point with a TV that’s mounted near-flush to the wall. Effortlessly mount your TV flat against the wall and let it blend beautifully with your home. Keep your style and your view on point. Effortlessly mount your TV near-flush against the wall using the Slim Fit TV Wall-Mount**. Then let it blend beautifully with your home. 
*Sold separately.
**Compatible with selected 43" – 85" Samsung TVs
Expert Calibration
Brilliant colour, fine-tuned by the experts. Unbox brilliantly precise colour and a true-to-life picture, calibrated by the experts. Enjoy brilliantly mastered colour and truthful picture quality, that's already been calibrated by the experts. We bring you professional-grade colour calibration, without having to bring in the professionals.
AI Energy Mode
Monitor and reduce your energy consumption*.Save energy* with AI Energy Mode and SmartThings**. With AI Energy Mode, your TV adjusts the brightness depending on the content you are watching and the surrounding light levels in your room*** to reduce overall energy consumption. Then, you can monitor the energy usage of your TV and other compatible devices through Map View on your TV.
*Energy saving may vary according to model, viewing conditions or types of content. Does not work with gameplay or viewing priority modes. Energy savings based on internal test results and may vary.
**Requires SmartThings app, Internet connection, and SmartThings enabled devices.
***Adaptive Brightness will not operate in environments exceeding 80 lux.
Multiple Voice Assistants
Control your TV with your favourite Voice AssistantControl your TV with your favourite Voice Assistant. Control your TV with your favourite Voice Assistant - with Bixby and Alexa built-in to your TV. Ask them to change the volume, find that new series, bring up your holiday photos, or check on your connected devices in your smart home. The possibilities are endless – you just need to ask.Bixby/Alexa built-in*
*Samsung account required. Amazon, Alexa, and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
10 Year Screen Burn Warranty
The brightest, most vivid images – guaranteed on your screen for an entire decade* Consistent quality viewing with no loss of brilliance, guaranteed on your screen for an entire decade*. Screen burn is a permanent defect on the TV display that is caused by having static images on the screen over a period of time: sometimes even as little time as one hour. Static content that might cause this could be channel logos, news tickers, black bars from movies or head-up displays on games. Only Samsung offers a 10-year screen burn warranty.
*Participants must register for the 10 year screen burn warranty within 90 days of purchase. T&Cs apply.
Upgrade your home office setup. Working from home is a breeze on the big screen. Ready to upgrade your home office setup? Samsung Smart TV lets you access your office PC remotely from your TV and use the large screen to multitask with ease – with a connected mouse, keyboard, and PC*. Do more, at once, all from the comfort of your home. 
*Internet connection, Samsung account and compatible PC and mobile devices required.
Samsung Health*
Your wellness at home. Turn your home into a personal gym with the ideal home workout companion. Elevate your home workout experience with Samsung Smart TV. The Samsung Health app lets you enjoy free premium classes, start new wellness routines and even get the whole household moving with family challenges – all from the comfort of your home. Get free access to over 3,000 hours of health and fitness content from partners including EvolveYou, Calm, Fitplan, Echelon and Jillian Michaels Fitness, Obé, Barre3 and Brooke Burke Body. Plus, the Smart Trainer* feature will help you master your workouts and track your stats for a healthier life. 
*Smart Trainer available from Q70C series and above. Compatible camera required and sold separately. Samsung account required.
Relumino Mode
Entertainment made accessible. Entertainment made accessible. Relumino Mode improves the clarity of images by outlining objects, boosting the contrast and adjusting the colour, making the content clearer and easier to enjoy for people with low vision. 
*Available on sources provided through DTV and HDMI only.
Easy Set Up and Control (with SmartThings) 
The simplest way to set up and control your Samsung Smart TV. Quickly & easily set-up your TV with your mobile, without needing to type in any passwords* using the SmartThings app. The SmartThings mobile app helps you quickly set-up your TV. Automatically connect to Wifi and login into your accounts with simple, seamless smartphone connection. Plus, you'll unlock great features such as Screen Mirroring, a TV Remote Control, and more**.
*Smartphone and TV need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
**Compatible smartphone, Internet connection and Samsung Account required.
Universal Guide
Less searching, more watching. Live TV and streaming content curated in one place. You watch, we recommend.* Spend less time searching and more time watching. Universal Guide recommends the latest and trending content, from streaming services, meaning you can watch more of what you love*. All your favourite entertainment in one place – your Samsung Smart TV.
*Samsung Account Required

Model Number: QE65QN93DATXXU

Please note: Some apps and services, including tuner, are only available in the UK. Smart TVs are run by third-party content. These third-party providers reserve the right to delete or stop supporting any apps or services at any time. Some apps and services might not be accessible right away and might need a firmware update to become accessible. Costco's warranty does not cover the availability or fees associated with running apps.

Energy RatingF
DimensionsWith Stand: H 89.1 x W 144.6 x D 27.1 cm
Without Stand: H 82.9 x W 144.6 x D 2.7 cm
WeightWith Stand: 27.5 kg
Without Stand: 24.2 kg
Screen Size65 inch
Screen TechnologyNeo QLED
Screen Resolution4K UHD
Refresh Rate120Hz (Up to 144Hz)
Resolution3840 x 2160
3D ReadyNo
Smart TVYes
Digital TunerDVB-T2CS2 x 2
Curved ScreenNo
Connectivity4 x HDMI (4 x 2.0)(eARC HDMI)
2 x USB Type-A
1 x CI Slot
1 x RF In
1 x LAN
1 x SPDIF (Optical Digital Audio Out)
Wireless ConnectivityYes
Audio4.2.2CH 60W
Object Tracking Sound Plus
Adaptive Sound Pro
Annual Power Consumption125kWh
Accessories IncludedTM2360E + TM1240A Remote Controls
HDRNeo Quantum HDR+
HDR 10+
Operating SystemTizen
VESA Wall Mount400 x 300
ProcessorNQ4 AI Gen2 Processor
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