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Customer Care

How do I qualify for Individual Membership?

Costco offers Individual Membership to current or retired employees of select employment groups or professions.
Membership is available to individuals over the age of 18 years who meet one of the following requirements:

Qualifying Employment Groups

Current or Retired Employee of:

  • Banking / Finance
  • Local Government
  • Fire / Rescue Service
  • Post Office
  • Airlines
  • Education
  • Police Force
  • Civil Service / Armed Forces
  • Medical / Health Service
  • Insurance


Qualified as:

  • Qualified / Certified / Chartered Accountant
  • Chartered Architect
  • Doctors (MD) / Dentist / Optician / Pharmacist
  • Chartered Surveyor
  • Solicitor / Barrister / Magistrate / Advocate
  • Chartered Engineer / Civil etc


Current or Retired employees of a UK or USA Gold Company.

You may qualify as a current or retired employee of one of the many UK or USA Gold Companies. Please contact either Central Membership on 01923 830477 (email: or your local warehouse to confirm whether the company you currently work for or have retired from is a registered Gold Card Company.


You need to provide the following: One of the following which is valid or dated within the last 3 months, or past documentation if retired:

  1. Employee ID Card OR Employee Payslip/Pension Statement OR a Qualification Certificate
  2. Plus 1 piece of photographic identification

Please contact Central Membership on 01923 830477 (email: or your local warehouse to confirm your eligibility for Individual Membership.


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Member Privileges & Conditions

Note: Individual Member opening hours differ from Trade Members.
For more information please check our opening hours